A downloadable game for Windows

It's Hayley Nakamura's last day on set as the star of the magical girl anime Astro-Navigator Nebula and Hayley finds herself trapped INSIDE her own show! 

Puppeted by a mysterious villainess trying to force Hayley to act like her sweet, positive counterpart Elara, Hayley is decidedly NOT feeling sweet OR positive about being trapped in this Truman Show-esque gauntlet! But hey - having actual magical powers is a little fun. ;) 

Play as Hayley and fight your way out of this twisted set with the help of your companion Lime Hawk and your galaxy-themed powers! 

But don't forget to… Smile for the cameras!

Created as part of the Magical Girl Game Jam 2022.

A downloadable game for PC

  • Two Levels and a Boss Fight built in Unreal Engine 5
  • 5 Unique Powers to Battle Enemies and Complete Level Puzzles
  • Fully Voiced Dialogue with a Delightful Cast
  • Original Music Tracks

  • Mouse and Keyboard Controls
  • Use W A S D to move Hayley around the set
  • Use Spacebar to jump and double-jump (Astral Leap!)
  • Use your mouse to adjust the camera and aim attacks
  • Click the Right Mouse Button to go into aiming mode, while holding:
    • Use Left Mouse Tap (for single shots) and Left Mouse Hold (rapid fire)
    • Use Q & R Keys for special attack abilities (use wisely, as they have cool-downs!) 
    • Use E Key to activate and then Left Click to set a Celestial Barrier to block and jump on (use wisely, it has a cool-down!)

  • Curtis Smith Sound (instagram) (website) - Project Manager & Technical Audio Designer
  • Kyle Schulz - Music Composition
  • Pachesan (youtube) (itch) - Lead AI & Combat Technical Designer
  • Ryan E. Grady (instagram) (website) - 3D Character Art
  • Carlos Carlo - Senior Programmer, Puzzles
  • Nerwy (twitter) (youtube) (itch) - Lead Environment Artist
  • Niclas Arenz (IG/Twitter: NiclasArenz) - Props / Set Modeler
  • Nyahmms - Environment Artist & 3D Modeler
  • MrEragus - 3D Character Art 
  • Chungard - Programming
  • whickedarkness - Lead Character Animation (tiktok) (Website) (Twitter)
  • Meghan Tankersley (Insta: Crystalwolf953) (Itch) (website) - VFX / Animation
  • Victoria Smith - Art Director/UI Designer/Graphic Design
  • Brenna Galvin (itch) - Narrative Design, Writing
  • Ellie Jepperson - Writing

  • Meegan McAlpine - voicing Hayley/Elara
  • Kyle - voicing Lime Hawk and TV Announcer
  • Emma Sherr-Ziarko (TW/IG: @TheGreatDilemma) (website) - voicing Villainess 
  • Curtis Smith Sound (instagram) (website) - voicing King Alfred


Astro-Navigator Nebula - v0.7 377 MB

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The worldview is very elaborate and I love it! I also really liked how the characters were sculpted and the fluttery parts of their multi-layered dresses were beautifully rendered in 3D rather than textured! The magic effects were also nice and sparkling, but on my PC (GTX1660) it was quite heavy and I couldn't play to the end.

But it was really good and I will support your future productions!